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It's been a long time since the last journal feature for the summer competition winners but not all went completely to plan. This did mean of course that the #1 winner  kayanne21 to an unexpected extra long lasting feature :)

This time it's the turn for the second place winner in-dis-guise who won with this submission:   SatW - Norway visits America 1 by in-dis-guise

If you take the time to look around her gallery you will be greeted with a blaze of colour from all directions - from nature photo's to fireworks to events. If you poke around a bit more you will find cute drawings, jewellery, colourful kaleidoscopic digital art and then some!

Here is some of her work for you to enjoy:

This one is really cute but doesn't show up well at all in a thumb so I'm adding the link here:

Go look around her gallery and show her some :dalove: !
Hiya all,

It's been a long time coming but with ill health and trying to catch up again it's taken more time than I'd have liked.  However now is the time to do the first of the 3 feature journals of the winners.

First up is kayanne21  who won with this submission: Holiday in Scotland by kayanne21

If you take a look around her gallery you will soon see that she is an artist of many talents and creates fanart, OC's and writes different types of literature as well!

Here is some of her work for you to enjoy:

29. The daemon girl by kayanne21   68. Find a feeling, pass it on. by kayanne21   The robot lizard by kayanne21
Enderman by kayanne21   Is it dinner yet. by kayanne21   V Liam. Page 1 by kayanne21
The cliffs edge 1Strange Meeting.
"Post traumatic stress disorder. What the hell is that?"
Flippy sat on the edge of a cliff looking at the stars. His mind was surprisingly calm at this time of night. There were less people around and thus it was relatively safe for him to come out of his home. He liked the silence the dark held and enjoyed the breeze coming from the edge of the cliff.
This cliff was his favourite place in the forest. It filled him with a strange hope that one day he would be free of this possession like being. His head hurt. It often did these days. Ever since he went face to face with him. He thought back to that day he fought against his evil self.
Flippy's train of thought was broken by a tiny hushed voice from behind him. He jumped around in a start to see Flaky, a thin, red haired, rather frightened looking girl with long dandruff filled hair. She ran over to him, as if being chased by something.
"Hi!" he said with a smile on his face. It always cheered him up to see he
   The Belle of Notre Dame part 1Trickster
Paris. The city of lovers. The city of hope and fear and magic. The city where things happen that would not anywhere else in the world. The city that may sleep in the sun and dance at night. The city of travellers and merchants, all come to fallow their hearts and live out the rest of their lives in wealth and slender. The city of new beginnings.
Belle peered out from under her bonnet and stared out at the city. The building were so big. Bigger than she had ever imagined from the descriptions she read in her books. The streets were littered with peasants and the well off alike, all chatting and bargaining with the merchants lining the outskirts of the road. The sun was lost somewhere behind the monstrously tall buildings and cast and eerie shadow down of the towns people. As brown stallion stepped into the square, a group of young children no older that seven ran happily across the road. Belle felt a casual smile come to her wind swept face upon seeing the carefree attitude o

Go look around her gallery and show her some :dalove: !

Hiya all,

The poll has closed and it's time to announce the competition winners!

I took a screenshot of the poll to show the results as of the time the poll closed - any votes made after this time do not count - the poll will be left up for a short while longer before I delete it.

Voting results. by Magical525

The Winners are:

1st place: :iconkayanne21: with: Holiday in Scotland by kayanne21
2nd place: :iconin-dis-guise: with   SatW - Norway visits America 1 by in-dis-guise
3rd place: :icontsukitheripper: with: August 15 by TsukiTheRipper

A reminder of the prizes:
There will be 3 winners and they will all receive the following:
:bulletorange:  A group journal feature which will feature the winners which will be made within the next week or so :)
:bulletorange:  One of my SATW embroideries (your choice - either one of the ones I have already made or a new one made specially for you) which you can either receive ready to frame or as a mini quilt - with a border and backing and ready to hang, please send me a note with your choice and address and we'll take it from there :)
:bulletorange: Winners Package from #AnotherContestGroup - I have sent a note with the winners to them already.
:bulletorange: :iconhanyou-night: donated 59 points to the prize pot for the competition and I have topped it up so you each get 30 points :)

Congratulations guys!
Hiya all,

Just a note to remind you all to go vote for the summer competition entries - If you entered yourself you may vote for yourself if you wish.

You can find the full list of entries here:

The Poll can be found here:… or you can go to my profile and vote there.

Voting closes at midnight CET (that's 6 PM  EST) on 22nd September.

Hiya all,

The summer competition has officially closed now and no more entries will be accepted. It's been fun seeing what people came up with for this competition :D

The entries are (in order of submission):

1.  :iconaj-machado: entered with: :thumb321325306:
2.  :iconin-dis-guise: entered with a 5 page comic: SatW - Norway visits America 1 by in-dis-guise is the first page.
3.  :icontsukitheripper: entered with: August 15 by TsukiTheRipper
4.  :iconkayanne21: entered with: Holiday in Scotland by kayanne21
5.  :iconaradaewen: entered with:   Denmark's Heaven by Aradaewen
6.  :iconblackwhite-rain: entered with: Nordics in Cali by BlackWhite-Rain

Please head over to the poll on my profile to vote for your favourite entry. To make it easy for you I made the numbers here  the same as the numbers in the poll. You have till midnight CET (that's 6 PM  EST) on 22nd September to vote after that I'll  close the poll.

Good luck to the entrants and happy voting!


Edit: Entrants may vote for themselves if they choose :)

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